G I U L I A     B E R    T A C C H I N I

is an Italian fashion designer specialized in luxury accessories and innovative material research.
She designed handbags, jewelry and eyewear for many famous brands like Dior, Prada, and Chloè
and her studio has a wide list of prestigious clients from fashion field.

Since the beginning of her carrier she has always been a forward-thinking creator,
pushing the boundaries of design through the merge of tradition and innovation.
Passionale about the heritage of craftsmanship she has been using the most traditional and precious
techniques especially in the making of accessories and leatherggods products.
She explored at the same time new materials and applications pioneering new technologies and
processes and combined them with the work of the artisans, creating a new aesthetic language.

In the la test years she focused on the creation of highly contemporary accessories
exploring innovation in the field ofsustainable fashion.
On November 2016 she launched MAISSA, her handbags and jewelry brand based on the combination
of high quality Italian craftsmanship and the technology of 3D printing, setting no limits to creativity and
customization, plus the use of sustainable materials and upcycling/recycling methods.
Clutch bags as metal “sculptures” 3D printed with handcrafted finishing, customizable on request.
Mini-bags and Belt-bags made in high quality leather, mostly vegetable tanned
which is timeless beautiful and biodegradable.
Jewelry with special kinetic elements made through the talented expertise of Italian craftsmen.
“Maissa” is a name that comes from a family name of Giulia, the designer, and her origins from Modena.
In Arabic it has the beautiful meaning of “shining star.”
MAISSA style merges different inspirations: primitive art and emoticon language,
pop icons and elements from nature.
A new aesthetic vision in jewelry and bags expressed through the language of the parametric design
creating pieces that are really unique.
The brand got many recognitions including finalist at Vogue Talents_Who is On Next in 2018.

About It - Maissa by Giulia Ber Tacchini Italian Custom Jewels and Luxury


Sharing our values and spread the manifesto for sustainable fashion

We love and celebrate traditional and artisanal expertise, skills, processes and practices.
Even if our production is based in Italy we respect cultural heritage of all artisans of the world throughout our design.

Driving positive change through 3d printing and innovative technologies that promote more responsible production and consumption.

100% made in italy production to support local artisans and 3d makers.
Minimise carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
We design and produce high-quality and customized products that can be durable and enjoyable for a longer time.

Thank to 3D rendering and 3D printing technology wastage is minimal during sampling & production.

Italian & international fair trade materials, recyclable or recycled.
Vegetable tanned leather mostly coming from leftovers.
Vegan apple leather (made from apple cores and skins, a biological industrial waste product).
3D printed metal or resin.
We promote animal welfare and ensure that animal derived materials are responsibly sourced and created with a low environmental impact.
Bio-based plastic materials (coming soon).

We openly communicate our commitment to social and environmental sustainability.
We pledge to raise awareness to drive progress in fashion industry.

We celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity and equality across design, production and business.
We value all human differences including, but not limited to, race, culture, gender, age, sexuality and ability.

Manifesting towards a circular economy that promotes principles such as minimising waste produced and recycling solutions.
We believe in a sustainable future for fashion.

About Us - Maissa by Giulia Ber Tacchini Italian Custom Jewels and Luxury


With 3D printing there’s no industrial mass production and no accumulation of unsold products because the production is on-demand based, you print only what is sold.
Energy consumption reduced in production process compared to other technologies
Recycling and re-use of 3d printing powders, the “ingredients” of the process
Raw materials saving.


New aesthetic opportunities in design like threedimensional mesh, parametric structures, kinetic elements are possibile only with 3d printing.
Aesthetic customization of the products and fitting customization of the products.


The innovation of 3D printing technology valorizes craftsmanship and handcrafting which are essential in high quality products.
3D printing is an open-source technology that gives to everybody the chance to use addittive manufacturing, regardless of economical and social status.
This democratization pushes forward innovation.

About Rhino - Maissa by Giulia Ber Tacchini Italian Custom Jewels and Luxury
About Giulia - Maissa by Giulia Ber Tacchini Italian Custom Jewels and Luxury
About Bear - Maissa by Giulia Ber Tacchini Italian Custom Jewels and Luxury




About Style - Maissa by Giulia Ber Tacchini Italian Custom Jewels and Luxury

The DRAW bags are made
of 100% vegetable tanned
leather (outside and inside),
no toxic glue is used,
cotton stitching,
recyclable metal handle.

When they get old, removed the
handle, they are completely
biodegradable and can be
thrown in the garden and
used as fertilizer.

Clutch Dragon - Maissa by Giulia Ber Tacchini Italian Custom Jewels and Luxury from Milan
Working on new BIO-BASED
like PLA 3d printed and recycled
 (PLA is a bioplastic 100%
 biodegradable and compostable.
 We work with recycled PLA)
HEMP-based compound
biodegradable and compostable.
New pieces coming soon.