Double Beat Earrings

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Product Description

Double Beat Earrings

Distinguished for its sculptural appeal, this refined pair of earrings is a timeless accessory for the modern woman.

Hand-fashioned of gold-plated brass, the heart silhouette faceted to accentuate the brilliance of the light on the surface.

Each piece in the shape of a heart is with a heart suspended within it contains.

Stunning in its simplicity, these earrings will effortlessly transition from casual day-wear to nightwear.

Details & Dimensions


  • Bronze


  • in: W 0.86 x D 0.39 x H 0.86
  • cm: W 2.2 x D 1 x H 2.2

Handmade In Italy.

Customizable in the Gold 18K version.

Price retail €320,00.

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